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The study material that has been prepared for the students has been done after a careful analysis of the all the prime books and reading materials for the best understanding and knowledge of the students to help them excel in exams.

The following pertains to the list of topics that have been covered under the subject heads in details:

Law of Contract: Meaning of a Contract (elements of a valid contract); important definition such as the proposal, acceptance, etc; capacity to contract; legality and voidness of agreements; quasi contracts; consent; Performance of Contract; contingent contracts; apportionment of payments; Impossibility of Performance and Frustration; novation; alteration; damages, bailment, pledge, agency, indemnity and guarantee.

Family Law: Aspects such as grounds for divorce; conditions of a valid marriage; legitimacy of children; restitution of conjugal rights; judicial separation, etc. under all the Indian personal laws namely, Hindu law; Muslim law; Christian law; Parsi law; marriages under Special Marriage Act.

Indian Penal Code: Extent and applicability; jurisdiction; offences against state, human body, women, marriage, property; general exceptions; important definitions; abetment; attempt of offences; sedition, etc.

Jurisprudence: Schools of jurisprudence (analytical, historical, realist and sociological); legal concepts like ownership, rights, duties, personality, possession; sources of law, etc.

Law of Torts and Laws relating to Consumer Protection: Absolute liability and strict liability; nature of tort: theory by Salmond and Winfield; difference of tort with crime, contract and quasi contract; negligence; nuisance; defamation; conspiracy; malicious prosecution; vicarious liability; state’s liability, etc.

Public International Law: Nature and meaning including general concepts in public international law; Law of the Seas; Asylum; Nationality; Recognition of Governments; sources of international law; subjects of international law; settlement of disputes in international law; extradition; human rights, etc.

Constitutional Law: Fundamental rights; directive principles of State Policy; legislative, administrative and financial relations; emergency; president; parliament; amendment; law relating to elections; governor; state and union judiciary, etc.

Note: The list above is not exhaustive but includes other topics as well. The material contains ample explanations to the topics along with examples, cases, illustrations, latest amendments and judgments etc. for a better understanding of the matter.

The following is the list of the subjects that pertains to the analysis of the provisions under respective laws (only for the purpose of CLAT exam):

  • The Law of Partnership
  • The Sale of Goods Act
  • The Specific Relief Act
  • The Indian Evidence Act
  • Administrative Law
  • Labour Laws
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Environment Laws
  • Company Law
  • The Civil Procedure Code
  • The Criminal Procedure Code

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