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Success Stories

Success Stories

  • When I decided to prepare for CLAT, I got tensed after looking at the enormous syllabus for the same. But, then I was relieved after contacting Rashee Ma’am. Her notes are crisp and summarise all the subjects precisely covering all important cases on the subject. The test papers and question banks provided by her are perfect for practice. I thank her for helping me to achieve my dream of cracking CLAT.
    Divya Dhawan, Rank 17, NALSAR, CLAT 2019

  • NLU Delhi became my dream college when I desired to pursue Masters in Law. For the right direction and guidance, Rashee Ma'am and her Titanium course fulfilled all the requirements. By just talking on phone I decided to take this course which turned out to be more than sufficient as the notes were precise, crisp and to the point and the regular mails for latest updates were a cherry on the top. Obtaining Rank 14 was a dream come true and the first thing I did was to call Rashee Ma'am. She seemed happier than me though!
    The experience with her has been absolutely wonderful. She has always been helpful, cooperative, practical, smart and approachable even at midnight! What else a student can ask for? She has always been an inspiration and a wonderful guide even for deciding things practically, for building strategies and for always pushing you to complete the required syllabus. And hope she continues to motivate me and other candidates in future!
    I am delighted to start this journey with her constant support, advice and help.
    Avneet Kaur, Rank 13, Natio nal Law University, Delhi- 2018

  • As rightly said by William Arthur Ward, "The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."
    Yes! This is so true in case of my experience with Rashee ma'am, if I have to talk about how I got through AILET-2015!
    Ever since I joined college for LL.B I knew I wanted to get into academics and I will have to take LL.M for that and NLU, Delhi was always my first choice coz its one of the finest and close to home. I knew what to do but I wasn't sure about where to start from, considering the last semester pressure of internship and dissertation. Then I came across this poster in my college about Justitia and the next thing I know of, is I was speaking to Rashee ma'am about my LL.M and how to go about it and within 15 minutes of talking to her I was convinced that the Platinum course offered by Justitia is what I needed to get one of the NLUs. And this turned out to be true for me. The notes were crisp, to the point, easy-to-read and covered each and everything the entrance exams could possibly ask. Besides, the mentor-mentee relationship with Rashee ma'am never ended with just getting the notes. Even during the preparation, whenever I was in doubt, she was highly approachable and helpful and made it a point to call me back whenever she was busy. She has truly been an inspiration. With her guidance and support, I'll be soon taking up this journey I always wanted to!

  • Justitia Institute of Law has a good reading material for LLM entrance which is precise and easy to comprehend. Rashee Ma’am as a mentor is very motivating and cooperative. I would recommend this institute to everybody who is in search of a good coaching institute for LLM Entrance and have a dream to make it to the top law schools in India. Your search will end here!
    Aditi Bhati (NLU, Jodhpur, Batch 2015-16)

  • “I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to Rashee Ma’am. She is a knowledgeable and experienced person. Her classes were always interesting with ample amount of time for teaching of concepts and doubt clearing. But at the same time, classes will be fun. She covers the topic systematically until everyone understands it without dragging it. She teaches the shortcuts, important techniques and various ways to learn different things. She spends extra time in clearing doubts both before and after classes. She gives individual care to everyone without partiality. Her material covers everything which can be asked in exams and most important are question banks which have to be solved if you want to crack the entrance. With her vast experience, she tells what kind of questions were asked, concepts that are asked often recently and what kind of questions can be expected I am really thankful to her for all the advice, information, the help she did and the care she took.”
    Garima Mehra,(CLAT 2015; USLLS, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University)

  • I am writing this testimonial to express my complete satisfaction with regard to the assistance provided in my preparation for CLAT - 2014 (post graduate) by Mrs. Rashee Jain. I am especially pleased by the encouragement and support which I got from her which from time to time encouraged me to work hard. The only thing which I focused upon were the study material that was provided by her, as they not only had the whole course covered, but also were very precise and accurate. If I were to rate the the services of Justitia Law Institute on a scale of 1 to 10, it is certainly going to be 10.
    Again many thanks to Mrs. Rashee Jain for all her support.”
    Abhinav Mukhi,NALSAR Hyderabad (CLAT 2014; also cleared NLU-Delhi and Indian Law Institute, Delhi)

  • "If I have to attribute my LLM success to one single factor, it will undoubtedly be JUSTITIA INSTITUTE OF LAW. The input and support that I received was nothing short of extraordinary. Extensive and detailed course material support was provided. They were well structured and each topic covered in detail. Practice tests or mock tests as we call them of varying difficulty levels helped me to polish and fine-tune my abilities and skills.
    All in all, the interactive sessions via mail, phone calls and messages, efficacy of the faculty, study material of the highest standards and competitive mock tests, gave me the skills and the confidence, to crack CLAT LLM.”
    Sharvie Jairath ,Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala (CLAT 2014)

  • “I have to admit that it was all the hard work and efforts of Ms. Rashee Jain and her Justitia Institute of Law which imparted me with immense knowledge, easy to read study material, mock test series and the question banks which guided me into right direction to achieve my goals. I have also scored 143 rank in IP UNIVERSITY and 171 Rank in PANJAB UNIVERSITY. I would like to thank them for their great support and efforts.”
    Mayank Gandhi,National Law University Jodhpur (CLAT, 2014; Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi; Punjab University)

  • “I, Ankita Singh, currently pursuing my LL.M (1 Year) from the Indian Law Institute, owe allot to Mrs. Rashee Jain, as she supported me throughout the preparation time. The one thing which I like to mention is the course material, which is really crisp, easy to understand and appropriate for entrance exams. I have been able to crack the entrance from this material only; I have not consulted any other book or material. If somebody is really dedicated towards clearing entrance, then, one can do that from this material and the support and guidance of Mrs. Rashee. I wish ma’am Best of luck for future endeavors.”
    Ankita Singh,Indian Law Institute, Delhi (2014)

  • “Nervous bound as to what I should do and how to prepare for LLM entrance, I was just surfing my net and the link of this institute....
    I was totally blank as to how to commence and go about with my preparation. I finally met Ms. RASHEE JAIN the owner of JUSTITIA INSTITUTE OF LAW. When I met her, she boasted up me with lots of enthusiasm and optimism... she held my hand and stood up with me at every step off my journey until I reached up my destination.... By God’s grace & Sincere efforts of me & my Mentor I am very happy to get admission in NLUJ".
    Priya Bhatnagar,National Law University, Jodhpur (CLAT, 2013)

  • “I, Shriya Gauba, currently pursuing my masters in law from Delhi, owe a great deal to the much helpful and rewarding guidance from my friend cum senior cum guide, Ms. Rashee Jain. Her tips on time management and requirement of focusing on the most important portions of the gigantic course helped me immensely to sail through my entrances. I as a result secured rank 26 in my CLAT among other successful attempts. Had it not been her all through kind of inputs, it would've been hard for me to pull it off especially when I was endeavoring to strike a balance between my graduate studies of final semester and these fast approaching entrances. Much regards and Good wishes to Ms. Rashee Jain, who surely would prove to be a phenomenal source of inspiration and guidance for other future aspirants for these exams.”
    Shriya Gauba,National Law University, Delhi

  • “Rashee Jain has been an excellent mentor for me always especially during my preparation for CLAT (LLM). Being my senior in LLB, she was always approachable and she cleared my queries with all patience. I would like to sincerely thank her for helping me to get 1st rank in National Law University (Delhi), 3rd rank in Delhi University and 11th rank in CLAT. Her advice pertaining to the books to be studied and the approach for various examinations were very useful. I remember disturbing her during nights and she would always say that I can call her anytime and she would talk to me and clear my doubts patiently. I would take this opportunity to thank her for being a support in my life always. She is now starting an institute for aspiring LLM candidates. I believe it can be a very good help for a lot of students in future. Her attitude of simplifying things in her own way is really commendable and this would help many of her students. I wish her all the best for her future endeavors.”
    Ritika Mogha,(National Law of India University, Bengaluru (11th Rank, CLAT 2011); 3rd Rank: Faculty of Law, Delhi University; 7th Rank: National Law University, Delhi)

  • “It has been a great experience for me o have been associated with Justitia Institute of Law (JIL). The study material provided by the institute focuses on the required syllabus catering to the needs of the students and as required for the desired entrance exams. I feel confident in saying that JIL is undoubtedly the answer to all the LLM competitive exams.”
    Prashant Mehra,National Law University, Jodhpur (CLAT, 2010)

  • “I am really happy to be a part of Justitia as it changed my attitude towards learning I sincerely thank Ms. Rashee Jain for her support and guidance throughout. Justitia has the best study material and question banks that truly facilitate one’s preparation for the LLM entrance exams. I am proud to be a Justitian.”
    Arti Ahuja,National Law University, Jodhpur (CLAT, 2010)

  • I started my CLAT preparation from 15th March, 2017. In order to prepare for CLAT entrance exam for P.G course which was to be held on 14/May/2017, I got various references available in market but soon as I started studying from them , I realised I need more material with updated information .
    I searched on net and came across various institute offering LL.M coaching but none offering LL.M notes other than Justitia Law Institute (now Rashee’s Law Center). There Rashee Ma’am, guided me how to go about for CLAT preparation. I got the notes that covered all the areas of CLAT as well as other LL.M examinations. Further, these notes offered information, relevant to examination only. I solved the question Banks as suggested by Ma’am and it helped me immensely in avoiding wrong answers.
    For the price I paid, the notes were absolutely worth it and guidance by Rashee Ma’amm further smoothened the path.
    Ayush Aggarwal, CLAT, 2016: Rank 39

Other Meritorious Students

Kanika Gupta

CLAT-2016, RGNLU-Patiala

Dhruvraj Tomar

GGSIPU, Delhi: Rank 37; CLAT

Saakshi Yadav

NUJS, West Bengal (CLAT, 2015)

Karishma Hans

Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala (CLAT 2014)

Santosh Goswami

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprashta University, Delhi (2015)

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