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Why LLB?

There was a time, may be somewhere in 70s or 80s when only three employments were actually considered as worthy ‘professions’, a doctor; an engineer or a lawyer. Some say that amongst these, law was considered to be the choice of those, for whom the other two were not possible intellectually. However, the times have certainly changed now. At present, law is considered to be one of the most desired careers for youngsters worldwide. Probably because a degree in Law not only offers just employment but it also provides a person an instrument to fight against the wrongs in any society.

At this time there are two options for legal courses - 3 years LLB for graduates (10+2+graduation) and 5 years LLB for under graduates (10+2) popularly known as the integrated degree course. The latter course is more admired by the law aspirants than the former one as the degree obtained in it is that of BA, LLB (Hons.); B.Sc., LLB and BBA, LLB. Thus, the student tends to save a year and other additional hassles of taking an admission all over again after the graduation. Both the types of degrees are recognized and are also qualifying degrees for practice of legal profession in India.

Reasons for students targeting LLB are manifold. Some of them are listed below.

Increased job opportunities:Lawyers can easily find employment opportunities in both public and private sector organizations, though most of them wish to become an advocate and practice law as a profession. In addition to this, there are various Central/State Government jobs that are also open to Lawyers. For e.g. they always have an option of being appointed as Judges; as Attorney and Solicitor General; as Public Prosecutor; Defence, Tax and Labour departments etc. Moreover, Lawyer can also work as legal counsel and legal advisers for firms, organizations and families.

Broadened horizons of jobs: Apart from the aforesaid, there are ample of employment areas where the lawyers can work for i.e. Banks; Business Houses; Educational Institutes; Legal Constancies; News Channels; Newspapers; Judiciary; Private Practice; Sales Tax and Excise Departments; Job Types; Litigation; Law Reporters; Legal Advisor's; Teachers; Trustees, etc. As a general practice, now all the organisations develop a legal department that apparently require lawyers to run. Thus, the traditional notion of wearing a ‘black coat’ for the lawyer has now changed as presently it not confined to fighting cases in courts.

Enhancing status: It is surely a matter of prestige to study law and become a lawyer as it is still considered one of the most respected professions worldwide.

Politics: One of the most important professions that take way from legal studies is politics. Yes, if you want to become a political leader of the country, then becoming a lawyer first is a definitely a good idea. A number of politicians worldwide are lawyers. For e.g. Mahatma Gandhi; Tony Blair; P. Chidambram; Jawahar Lal Nehru etc.

Fighting for societal causes: A lawyer is a person who can be responsible for bringing about a change in the society. He as the knowledge and as well as the power to do so. Thus, all the social activists, this is the line for you to choose.

Administrative Services: All the persons who aspire to be a part of administrative services of our country some day, studying law is a great option for you. This is because legal papers can form the larger part of your administrative mains exam. Thus, it becomes comparatively easy for you to attempt the administrative services papers.

Growth of LLB can also be attributed to the mounting concept of various National Law Schools in India through CLAT. Researches show that LLB students from various colleges have secured jobs in corporate houses and even public sector undertakings (PSUs) such as Bajaj Alliance, Tata Motors, Edelweiss, Larsen and Tubro and Export Credit Guarantee Corporation.

So be a lawyer today and have a secured and a respected life forever!

Career Options

  • Litigation
  • Teaching
  • Law firms
  • Government jobs
  • Corporate firms
  • LPOs
  • NGOs
  • Civil services
  • Judicial services



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