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Why LLM?

The increasing intricacies and competition that is now faced by the legal world has resulted in the increase for the demand for LLMs in the late years. The legal profession in the present state of affairs involves handling global trade, transnational families, human rights and areas like the social, economic and environmental policy issues thereby advancing the lawyers the opportunity to pursue an LL.M. In the present scenario, employers favour lawyers who have developed additional expertise in some or the other field. Lawyers go back to get an LL.M. degree for many reasons. Some are listed below:

  • Upgrading of the resume: Whether for better or worse, but brand names still get people's attention. Hiring partners and HR directors are no different. In case due to any reason, the first law school is not elevating your resume to the potential and the desired employers, adding a second (more well-known) is definitely a good idea. Fortunately or unfortunately, there are some parts of the legal profession that are virtually off-limits to graduates of lesser law schools. These include major private law firms, government positions reserved for high-flyers and many public-interest organisations. One way to get your foot in the door, despite a weak first degree, is to upgrade your academic credentials by obtaining a good-quality LLM.
  • Develop a specialization: In some fields of law, like tax, intellectual properties, competition laws, human rights and especially the business laws, LL.M. is a frequent area for a lawyer's training. This helps the lawyers to deepen an existing specialization or develop a new one. In addition to this, an LLM offers the opportunity to change career focus.
  • Get a job:Although, in India still there are certain law firms that are not concerned about LLM, but that cannot certainly be said to be a universal phenomenon. It is surely another way for job-seeking lawyers to stand out, particularly in a competitive job market. The various jobs avenues that are strengthened by LLM are: Teaching, Litigation, Law Firms, Government Jobs, Corporate Jobs, LPOs, NGOs
  • Apart from these, various judiciary and civil service aspirants do LLM which helps them to enhance their knowledge in the field of law and thereby making it easier for them to stand a chance of cracking their respective exams.
  • In today’s world of competition, marketing and networking, LLM can never be said to go in vain. Access to a new group of professors, fellow students, and alumni certainly will help your chances of landing a job. Many law schools encourage LL.M. students to be proactive in building this network during the academic year.
  • Research and publish: Quite a few of the LL.M. programs that are offered in India are research-oriented. This unquestionably gives the students a chance to dive deep into topics with guidance by persons who are masters of the subject. A research-focused LL.M. is also a gateway into Ph.D. work, which can open up career doors apart from teaching.
  • To restart your career: If you are currently unemployed or underemployed, doing an LLM not only adds to your skill base, but also keeps you from having a gaping hole in your CV. The LL.M. graduates surveyed believe that by taking a break in a legal career for LL.M. study, a lawyer changes the dynamic of his/her career.
  • To improve earnings: In the world of competition today, switching fields or employers, or becoming an expert in a complicated field is an excellent way of increasing your income.
  • To get the bigger global picture: Increasing globalisation means that fewer and fewer lawyers can afford to view their clients’ or employers’ affairs from the perspective of just one legal system. LLM programmes offer the chance to learn the law, practices and institutions of other jurisdictions.
  • To deepen your knowledge: Further training in law essentially helps the student to get a sound grip in any interested field which may appear to be too complex at the graduation level. Subsequently, various legal systems in the world – Civil Law, Common Law, Muslim Law, Customary Law and mixed legal systems, among others form a part of the curriculum giving the student more exposure of the subject concerned. Moreover, in the world today additional education can never go a waste. Personally known, there have been examples where on one hand, a student after graduation went straight to a job, lured by the silver lining of the money in the form of salary while on the other hand, a student went onto do his post graduation. After a certain number of years, the latter was much ahead in life than the former as only having a graduation degree lead to a saturation point in the professional life of the former. He also ultimately had to go the post graduation at the age of 35.
  • To enhance your status: Possessing a masters degree any day raises up the reputation and the status of an individual than being merely a possessor of bachelor’s degree. Getting your LLM from a better-quality school than you received your bachelor’s degree or even otherwise will add further standing.

Growth of LLM can also be attributed to the mounting concept of various National Law Schools in India through CLAT. A student recalled that he took an LLM in maritime law and was hired on the strength of that qualification a few months later in a marine insurance company in Hong Kong which was one of the top shipping law firms in the world. Researches show that LLM students form the various colleges have secured jobs in corporate houses and even public sector undertakings (PSUs) such as Bajaj Alliance, Tata Motors, Edelweiss, Larsen and Tubro and Export Credit Guarantee Corporation. Even law academicians now claim that numerous employers now want lawyers who have done LLM. Therefore, one cannot argue that now LLM is in career of law is not required.

Career Options

  • Litigation
  • Teaching
  • Law firms
  • Government jobs
  • Corporate firms
  • LPOs
  • NGOs
  • Civil services
  • Judicial services



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