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The dreams of many students who wish to further study in the field of law remain unfulfilled because of lack of proper guidance. If they are motivated and are trained well to prepare for the competitive exams, there is no doubt that they will be successful. In today's competitive world, there is no doubt that preparedness is the key to success. It is even truer of competitive entrance examinations like CLAT, ILI, NLU- DELHI, etc. Here you have to battle it out with the best of brains; and the one who wins will be the one who is better equipped. For such purpose, the right kind of guidance is a must. That's what RLC aims at doing to the aspirants towards the treasured goal. It brings together the most comprehensive; relevant and original study material and the question banks, thoroughly researched and explored on the latest patterns of the targeted Entrance Exams. RLC works through the year, analyzing the various coarse patterns and the entrance exams for the betterment of the students.

Our Aims:

A coach is a person who supports his students and helps them achieve all of their goals. He guides them to set their goals and encourages them at every step in the way to achieve those goals. We at RLC would like to do this job of a coach and a mentor to all aspiring lawyers. We aim at building these results by adopting the following principles while continually working for the welfare of the students:

  • Maximizing individual strengths
  • Overcoming personal obstacles
  • Reaching to the full potential through continuous process of learning
  • Preparation and management for the exams
  • Addressing specific problems faced by the students.
  • Constant communication with the student with a problem solving attitude.

Though the road to victory is challenging, we at RLC believe that proper guidance besides adequate hard-work is a sure way of success. We would help students overcome these obstacles by way of the following:

  • • Reference material on all subjects
  • • Question banks on the subjects with solutions
  • • Periodic tests with solutions
  • • Mock tests for all the students to enable them to analyze their nation-wide standing
  • • Website access to facilitate the student for regular updates on recent developments in the field of law
  • • Personal attention and counseling through interaction by way of e-mails

RLC aims at helping the students to strive for improvement at every step leading to perfection with the right mental attitude required to succeed in the exam. The mantra is to conquer your weaknesses and enhance your strengths along with the hope of achievement by having faith in oneself.

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